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Steps Against Manipulative Mother

We have had residential custody of my daughter (step) for the last 5 yrs, taking care of her school, doctors, dentists, therapy, etc. Mom hasn’t had anything to do with any of it until now. She is pushing her way in behind our back and having the teachers, etc. feel as if we are not doing our job. The other family has continued to manipulate her and the therapist is concerned with her having sociopathic tendencies. She is a great hardship on our marriage and our other 3 children as well as other children we sit for. Not only once in a while but on a constant day to day basis. Mom doesn’t pay for anything and we are considering switching to letting mom have the residential custody. We know she would press for child support even though we would agree to pay for her expenses. Is there anything due to us for the past 5 yrs and will we be able to continue to take her to her therapy and doctor appts? Mom has refused to take her in past….thanks in advance.

It depends on the court orders that have been entered. Is there an order that she pay you child support? Was this a divorce, allocation or paternity action? If she is that unstable, why would you even consider giving her custody of your step daughter? If the therapist is concerned that she has sociopathic tendencies, you should consider filing a motion to restrict her parenting time, request supervised visits or therapy if appropriate.