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High Net Worth Divorce

The family law attorneys at Sharon D. Liko, P.C focus on the representation of men in high income and high net worth divorce cases. Clients have included professional athletes, business owners, CEOs, top-level executives, doctors, dentists, lawyers, politicians, and other professionals. We are known for our skills in helping high-income men maximize their settlements and reach their goals in preserving wealth acquired both before and during the marriage.

Unlike the typical divorce, these cases require a special skill set and level of experience. The more wealth accumulated during the marriage, the more work it takes to preserve that wealth during the divorce. Many of our cases are referred to us from private wealth managers, investment managers, estate planners, tax planners and accountants.

The divorce attorneys at Sharon D. Liko, P.C., confront complex divorce cases skillfully and decisively. Call us to schedule an initial consultation. During the initial consultation, we can help you with strategic planning that can ultimately save you time and money when resolving your case.

Sharon D. Liko represents clients across the Denver metro area, including Douglas County, Arapahoe County, Jefferson County, and the communities of Littleton, Englewood, Centennial, Castle Rock, Cherryhill, Cherryhill Village, Greenwood Village, Lakewood, Golden, and Arvada. Sharon D. Liko also represents clients across the state of Colorado. Ms. Liko is also licensed to practice law in Texas.

Issues in High Net Worth Divorces

Types of Assets Divided in a High Net Worth Cases

The term “high net worth” generally refers to an individual with financial assets other than their primary residence valued at more than $1 million dollars. High asset divorce cases are often more contentious. At the same time, the parties want to maintain as much privacy as possible, especially in high-profile cases.

In a high net worth divorce case, the issues of property division are more complex. Those assets often include:

  • business assets from small businesses and closely held corporations;
  • separately managed investment accounts;
  • restricted stock, stock options,  and stock grants;
  • bonuses and commissions;
  • deferred compensation;
  • retirement accounts, and pension plans;
  • appreciation in pre-marital property;
  • assets or income held  in trust accounts;
  • inheritances;
  • assets covered by  pre or post nuptial agreement; and
  • real estate including the marital residence, vacation homes, and investment properties.

Issues Unique to High Net Worth Family Law Cases

Issues unique to higher net worth or higher income cases often involve multistate jurisdictional issues or complex international matters. A myriad of other complex issues are presented in high net worth divorce cases include:

  • reviewing any prenuptial or postnuptial agreement to determine its impact;
  • utilizing a forensic accountant on financial issues;
  • identifying the marital property and separate or non-marital property;
  • business and asset evaluations;
  • minimizing income tax liability;
  • long-range estate planning to preserve wealth for the children;
  • preservation of pre-marital assets; and
  • addressing the issue of spousal maintenance (alimony) and child support.

Business Valuations in Colorado Divorce Cases

When one or both of the spouses own a business, the value of the business must be determined as well as each spouse’s share of it. When we represent owners of small businesses, closely held corporations, or professional service practices, we work hard to help you minimize the disruption to the business while limiting your financial exposure.

Seasoned Divorce Attorneys for High Net Worth Cases in Denver, Colorado

Divorces involving significant assets are complex and require a certain skill set and level of experience. We work hard to help our clients find solutions that preserve their wealth while helping them transition to the next phase of life. We help our clients maintain the wealth it took a lifetime to create.

Sharon D. Liko, P.C., is a well-known Denver law firm with a history going back two decades. Our attorneys focus on representing men in family law cases, particularly divorce proceedings where significant assets are at stake. We have earned a reputation for being master negotiators in cases involving multimillion-dollar marital estates. When the case is not capable of a fair and reasonable settlement, we are known for being talented and aggressive litigators in the courtroom.

With a stroke of the pen, the judge might make decisions about assets that took a lifetime to acquire. Hiring the right attorney can make a huge difference in the outcome of the case. Divorce cases involving significant wealth accumulated prior to or during the marriage require an entirely different skill set than that required for the typical case. Relying on an experienced and seasoned attorney can result in the avoidance of costly mistakes, in terms of both time and money. Let us help you resolve your case under the best possible terms. Call to schedule a confidential meeting to speak directly with an experienced attorney at .