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No Income and Child Support

We were married in 1976 and had kids in 1980 and 1985. We divorced in 1994. I moved around, got married again, moved, divorced again, and moved. Now a Colorado Court ordered me to pay $87 a month for $23,000 due. I recently Heart Attack on 6/6/15, which caused me to have no income. Do I have a chance to get it dropped?

Child support becomes a money judgment at the time it is due. Since you owe $23,000 in past due child support, the judgment stands.
If you truly have absolutely NO INCOME, you should contact child support enforcement or your ex-wife’s attorney, or whoever is pursuing the judgment, and advise them.
However, if you have ANY money available to you and you are not paying anything towards your arrearage, your ex-wife could file a contempt action against you and amongst other things, ask for jail time.
Therefore, you need to pay something, even if it is $10/mo. This shows the Court that you are not trying to shirk your obligation and are making a good faith effort to comply with the Court Order, despite your circumstances.
Assuming you have no income nor assets, and do not have the present ability to pay anything, there is not much they can do to you.