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Husband’s Child Support for Child Outside of Wedlock

My husband had a child outside of our marriage while we were on a split, “Filing for divorce”. We would like to stay married and have a child of our own. How will his child support be determined? I make more income than he does, will that be factored into the support he owes? What if he falls behind, could she come after me to pay? We live in Colorado. Thank you.

Your income does not factor into the equation. Only your husband’s income is considered, and he will be given a credit for the child that you have together. If your husband falls behind in child support, the mother of the child could garnish his wages or bank accounts, or lien the house.
If your husband’s name is on any bank, investment, or financial account or asset including the house, even if it is jointly titled, it can be attached.
The only accounts or assets which could not be attached are if those accounts or assets are in your name only.