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Fathers Rights Colorado

Wondering about fathers rights Colorado? You have the exact same rights as the child’s mother does. Learn more here.

Since establishing her law firm in 1991, Sharon Liko has focused exclusively on men’s rights in the area of domestic relations and family law. Ms. Liko’s practice emphasizes men’s rights in complex financial and child custody matters. She is a very aggressive litigator and sees herself as a “champion of the underdog.” She has accepted clients that other lawyers have refused and due to her tenacity has prevailed in very difficult cases.

Published: April 29, 2020.

Fathers Rights Colorado

The term or classification of Fathers Rights Colorado is a bit deceptive. Technically, dads have equal rights when it pertains to divorce and custody. Unfortunately, due to historic family conventions, mothers were almost exclusively the primary caregivers in the home. Therefore, courts have typically granted physical custody primarily to mothers.

Although times have changed, more conservative courts often have not. As a father, you need to be familiar with the best way to get a favorable outcome for your custody case. Certain strategies and arguments improve your chance of acquiring fair custody and a support settlement that benefits all parties involved, especially the children.

It is vital to comprehend what fathers rights Colorado consist of today. Hiring a Men’s Rights Lawyer like Sharon D. Liko, P.C. can provide the advice and answers you seek.

A Father’s Rights to His Child

A father’s rights to his child require that you establish paternity. Paternity is an essential requirement for these kinds of cases. It is what legally makes you the child’s father, and  provides you the right to pursue more participation in your child’s life. Although mothers’ and father’s rights Colorado are equal, that does not imply that it will result in a 50-50 custody plan.

Rather, as long as the court identifies that it is in the child’s best interest, under Colorado law, both parents have equal authority over how the child is raised. In some cases, the father may even receive more parenting time with the child than the mother.

In extenuating circumstances, however, the father’s rights in Colorado might be terminated. This step is taken for the most severe situations. For less serious infractions or those that are likely to be short-term, the court may limit or temporarily suspend the father’s decision-making rights or parenting time.

Since parental termination is irreversible, it takes extreme circumstances to end a mother or fathers rights Colorado completely.



How Does a Court Determine Custody in Colorado?

There are several aspects that a court uses to determine custody in Colorado, but they primarily consist of the following:

  • How the custody decision may impact the child
  • What everyone, including the child, wants
  • Whether one parent has behaviors that may adversely affect the child
  • Who the child spends the most time with or is more attached to

To assist you with the difficult and often heartbreaking decision and results that coincide with a potentially lengthy court case regarding fathers rights Colorado, you should retain the counsel of a Denver child custody lawyer.

Visitation Rights for Father of Newborn

When considering visitation rights for father of newborn, many wonder whether Colorado is a state that favors the mother or father? Although courts are no longer required to follow what was referred to as “the tender years doctrine,” many still do. This is the concept that very young children need their mothers and, therefore, most courts granted primary custody to the mother.

Even though this has been abolished, it is a sentiment that is still seen in the courts when one is fighting for fathers rights Colorado.

Fathers Rights Child Support

It is in your best interest to hire a Denver child support attorney when navigating the complicated fathers right child support issues. Although it is best to come to agreeable terms with the mother before going to court, this is not always possible, especially in terms of financial support.

Parents in Colorado have equal rights regarding their children. This means they have 50-50 say when it concerns making significant decisions about the child. This typically consists of choices about education, health care, and spiritual training. Additionally, both parents are considered similarly accountable for financially supporting their children regardless of the physical custody plans.

You want the best for your children, and sufficient support is one part of that scenario. You also do not wish to be taken advantage of with a settlement that is biased. To negotiate the best child support plan that is fair to all parties, retain the services of an aggressive but compassionate Denver child support attorney who is familiar with fathers rights Colorado.

How Do I Get Father Rights Colorado?

When fighting for your father rights Colorado, you should remember to focus on developing a custody plan that is in the best interests of your children. Often, parents with animosity toward each other begin to use their children as bargaining chips to obtain what they want or hurt the other parent.

Although the division of child support services handles the financial issues, custody and child support are considered two separate issues. Custody and child support are considered two separate issues. To ensure you obtain the fatherly rights you want, you should develop a solid relationship with your child. The more involved you are in his or her daily activities, the healthier your child will be, and subsequently, the better your case. It shows that your continued involvement in the child’s life is in his or her best interest. Activities could include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Attending or coaching their sporting events
  • Carpool to or from school
  • Getting to know their friends
  • Helping with homework
  • Scheduling family outings or meals

If you and the other parent are separated, you must have some day-to-day participation in the lives of your children even before the divorce. Numerous dads take on the persona of “weekend fathers.” Courts are far less likely to award 50-50 custody to a father who takes a less-active role in their children’s activities.

Colorado Fathers Rights

Under Colorado fathers rights laws, when children are born to an unmarried couple, paternity is not assumed. In situations like this, the state does not automatically enforce father rights Colorado.

Is Colorado a father-friendly state? A Denver family law attorney with experience in child support and custody can explain the details.

Fathers Rights Attorneys Colorado

When retaining counsel from father rights attorneys Colorado, it is very important to understand that you can not merely declare that you have equal rights. Rather than asserting your parental rights, your counsel will use the facts to show that it is in the “best interest of the child” for you to have sufficient access to your child. 

The courts will use that information when making their decision. If you do not receive the judgment that you wish, it is often possible to renegotiate at a later date. Contact us for expert advice and representation regarding men’s rights laws.

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