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Does a Child’s Name Affect Retroactive Child Support?

denied retroactive child support because you name your son after another man. But the person the child name is after never in any way had communication, or was said to be the child father. The only father this child knew was the father who claim to use this as a scapegoat not to pay child support. How should I hande this case in this matter

The court cannot deny retroactive child support, if you are legally entitled to it regardless of whom you name your child after including naming him after the man in the moon.

I don’t know whether or not you were married to him. If you were married to him, you may not be eligible for retroactive support. If you were not married to him, absent other factors, you could be entitled to retroactive child support from the time the child was born.

You should talk to Child Support Enforcement in the county where you live.