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Child Support Wage Garnishment

My ex-wife is to pay child support in only the amount of $118.00 a month and is behind six months. I ask for her payments and she doesn’t have it. Should I garnish her wages as she doesn’t own any property or assets? This is real hard on our son at the age of 14 and me being a single parent with only one income.

Absolutely garnish her wages. You will need to do a wage assignment and serve it on your ex-wife’s employer. You can either have the payment come directly to you or set up an account through the Family Support Registry (“FSR”). If you choose FSR, the payment will come to them, and they will send it to you. The advantage is that FSR keeps a payment record, so you will always know how much your ex-wife has paid. This makes it much easier to file for a judgment or contempt action if you need to do so.