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Child Support Payments Sapping Tax Returns

I’ve been married to my husband since 2002 and have been dealing with his nasty ex-wife for 6 years. She lied and told the state there were arearages when there were not. I know how it is…you have to keep the receipts. My husband didn’t think she would do that to him…wrong!! His support is set at $479 per month, plus $100 for arrearages. We had a little girl in March 2005. I have not received my taxes in three years (over ($9000) because my husbands ex is getting it for the One child they have together who is 10 years old. That is not fair, that money is part my daughter’s and mine. How can they take that? It’s not right. She also made the statement to my husband last summer she was going to tell the state there aren’t’ any arrearages. My husband has had 2 back surgeries and his doctors are in the process of disability. He has not been able to work since January of this year and I only work, I just found out not only has she gotten our taxes again, there’s a warrant out for my husband. She also has lied and said he talked mean about her in front of Dalton. That is absolutely not true, he doesn’t’ have a mean streak in his body. Anyway, can she take mine and my daughters part of our tax return, why and can she got our stimulus payment too? Thanks sorry so long…

If you sign joint tax returns with your husband, and the stimulous check is made out to both you and your husband, yes, the state can garnish both.

You would need to file your own tax return, in order for you not to be garnished. If your husb and’s name appears on anything with your name , the state has a right to garnish it.