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Child Support Modifications due to False Information

My ex-husband and I had our divorce finalized in April 2007 after being separated almost 7 years. We have 1 daughter 8 years of age. In our martial settlement we finally agreed he’d pay $200per month plus provide medical, dental and life insurance for her. In court I found out that he lied about the amount of money he makes, he claimed alot less then he actually does make, and he did not provide pay stubs nor any past tax returns so they just went by what he put in his financial affidavit. I was granted that amount but he still does not provide any of her insurances. Can I go back to court to up the amount since he has not provided for her as he has agreed? And if so do I need a lawyer?

If your x-husband lied about his income, you can and should take him back to court. Did either of you have attorneys at the time of the divorce? You certainly do need one now.