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Can Joint Tax Return be Garnished?

I know I do not live in your state, but your info is helpful. I recently got remarried, and pay child support to my daughters mother, we were never married. my support payments are made as agreed by the court, and my attorney, they do how ever garnish my income tax refunds , both state and fed, for prior arrearages, my question is since my new spouses income is over 100k if we file our taxes jointly can the court tax the joint tax return? or what should I do in this case?

Good question. The answer is YES. If you and your new wife file joint returns, the IRS can and will seize the entire amount if it owed. The only way to protect yourself is to file separate tax returns or adjust your withholdings during the year so that you will not be entitled to a tax refund. Therefore, the IRS will not have anything to seize.