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Sharon D. Liko, P.C. Testimonials and Reviews

I have been an attorney for 30 years. When I found myself facing a potentially nasty divorce from my wife, I searched for the very best divorce attorney in Colorado. Sharon was the attorney I selected. She understood the complexities of my case. She has vast experience in dealing with unfair situations unique to men and she gave me invaluable advice. She is unquestionably one of the finest divorce attorneys, and I highly recommend her to any men facing a volatile divorce.

Client January 19, 2017
Dissolution of Marriage

Thanks for the forwarded e-mails…I felt like I was missing something… Your response is great! as usual. I feel as though you know my heart, I appreciate it tremendously!

Client - D.K. November 16, 2016
Father seeking parental rights

I absolutely will contact you again the minute the situation deteriorates ... you and your staff made an incredibly difficult situation more than manageable and I am forever grateful.

Client - B.T. November 16, 2016
Dissolution of Marriage

You are the best. Thanks so much.

Client June 23, 2015
Post-decree custody and child support

Thank you for advocating for me...You are an unbelievable asset for my whole family representing me in this matter. You are a very smart, powerful, and savvy litigator. I know I have told you how valuable you are, but you really deserve to be lifted up so I can thank God for the blessing He has gifted me with. You! I appreciate the logic you bring into the case, as well as your posture. All of the people you are defending my children from don't see what you see, and it's because pigeons don't see the same thing as eagles.

Client March 19, 2015
Child support

The ONLY thing that gives me peace is that fact that I know that it is impossible to pull the wool over your eyes.

Client February 26, 2015

If I have not told you so already, you are amazing at your job, and I love to watch you work. God bless.

Client February 25, 2015

Sometimes I guess ya gotta be a thorn in the a_ _. Good job. Woulda been a lot easier if she listened to ya in the 1st place. Thanks for letting me know.

Attorney September 16, 2014

We really appreciate your help with Ed, you are a great lawyer and I have referred a couple of people to you as well.

Client - S.A.
Modification of parenting time, decision making and child support
August 4, 2014

I always cherished your counsel, friendship and empathy over the years.

Client - CPA June 10, 2014

There are no words to adequately express the gratitude in my heart for everything you've done to make this day possible for my son and my granddaughter. For the past 5 years I've wished, I've hoped, I've prayed.....for someone to help our family. You've exceeded all we could have imagined. You were amazing today Sharon. Thank you both so much.

Client - A very happy Grandma
Modification of parenting time
March 5, 2014

I will be your client forever. I love your work.

Child Custody Client - N.K.R., medical professional September 26, 2013

You have done an admirable job uncovering her sleaziness.

Canadian attorney and Co-Counsel on international case -  M.B. July 26, 2013

No flowers or words can express how grateful I am to you for stepping in and helping Jason. You are an awesome attorney!! Many many heartfelt thanks.

Client - A.D.W., Wall Street Lawyer
Successfully represented college aged son from school suspension and criminal charges for underage drinking
October 19, 2011

They are the best & so are you! Thank you!

Client -  C.S., professional athlete and high net worth individual
Client got 50% custody of his daughter and a very favorable and fair child support order.
October 18, 2011

We would like for you to know how much we appreciated you and your firm’s hard work, and your dedication that was placed on our case. We will always feel toward you as family.

The S. Family
Custody, grandparent rights, and child support case
October 17, 2011

I really appreciate your hard work on this case, although I doubt it is ever to be over forever and I would like to plan on keeping you on retainer once I can get some of these fees paid off.

Client - M.L.R., business owner
Successfully defended client against wrongful accusations of child sexual abuse against his daughter
June 8, 2010

Thank you for everything you have done for me this far.

Client - R.J., business owner
Successfully helped client get time with his kids and defeat allegations of abuse and neglect by x-wife
April 13, 2010

You are doing a great job for Rob. I wish that I had you when I had legal problems.

Comment from witness for opposing party.
Successfully helped client get time with his kids and defeat allegations of abuse and neglect by x-wife
April 13, 2010

Again, I would like to re-emphasize that I have received professional treatment and communications from every person associated with Liko Law. I would refer Liko Law to my closest friends.

Client - R.Y., corporate executive
Custody and parenting time issues
February 3, 2010

You are like a rock star now!! It makes it that much more impressive that you responded to me with awesome and free advice many moons ago…

Client - M.W., manufacturer rep January 12, 2010

And just for the record, I, for one, think you are one hell of an attorney. As such, I am honored to be working with you.

Private Investigator- J.N.S.
Divorce involving marriage resulting from wife committing immigration fraud
January 8, 2010

Sharon, I want to reiterate, or make sure you know, that I do truly value your services and believe you are doing a great job…I am glad you are paying attention to the details, as both my wife, myself and her attorney all missed this.

Client - M.P., Manager of technology – Defense Contractor
Divorce and custody case where wife’s boyfriend was a convicted sex offender
October 27, 2009

Nicely done.

Client - CR, corporate executive
Defended client against unfair and biased custody investigation
October 19, 2009

You seem like a great lawyer for fighting the fight.

Client - M.P., Manager of technology for defense contractor
Divorce and custody case
May 9, 2009

Thanks for doing so well on my case. I don’t think I could have handled the emotional strain of being ordered to pay more than I was.

Client - T.L., Attorney
Child support case
April 1, 2009

Your work is stellar.

Attorney - S.E. reviewing work performed on case for appellate purposes
Divorce and custody case
March 8, 2009

You really fought for me when I was still getting my head on straight and I thank you very much for that.

Client - T.L., police officer
Divorce and custody case
January 5, 2009

You have ALWAYS had my best interest in mind. I don’t question or regret anything you have done on my behalf. Like you told me a while ago: IT AINT OVER TILL ITS OVER!

Client - T.L., police officer
Custody case
November 7, 2008

Thank you Sharon, from Lauren and my family, you have done a great job for me and my little girl.

Client - T.L., police officer
Custody case
October 20, 2008

I am very comfortable with the job you are doing for me and both my family and I thank God that I found you and fired Jack. Mary pushed him around from day one, in fact, Nancy told me that after the status conference Mary told her that she would have no problem with him. Please don’t think I am unhappy in any way. This was a difficult case and you never hesitated and stuck up for me when I wasn’t capable. If it wasn’t for you I would have agreed to whole lot of stuff just because I was afraid I could not do any better. So, in short, I thank you for the work you have done for me.

Client - T.L., police officer
Divorce and custody case
September 23, 2008

I really enjoyed last evening and learned a lot. I really enjoyed being able to listen to you negotiate with Melody and 'fight' for your language. Thanks.

Associate Attorney - J.H.
Young lawyer who witnessed negotiations with opposing counsel at 11:30 p.m. night before a hearing
November 27, 2007

I was very proud to be by your side during your finest hour yesterday. I got the Kellogg 401 K and the H.P. annuity. My attorney is the best, better than all the rest. Am I divorced yet?

Client - BB, corporate executive
Client obtained a very favorable financial settlement
March 5, 2007

I truly appreciate all you have done for me Sharon and I have the utmost respect for you. I hope my girls aspire to your level of competence and achievements.

Client - M.B., Denver government
Client got 50% custody of his daughters and favorable financial settlement in divorce
April 13, 2005