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If you are involved in complex family law matters, you may need help throughout the process. The legal system can be confusing for matters such as divorce, property division, maintenance, allocation of parental responsibilities (formerly called child custody), child support, contempt, domestic violence defense, restraining orders, paternity and all post-judgment matters. An attorney is here to be your guide and your representative.

We have provided information about the legal system that can help you get started. Throughout the process, we will keep you informed of the status of your case and your options every step of the way.

Men’s Divorce Guide

This Men’s Divorce Guide offers useful information that will help you and your family through your divorce. It has 11 articles including:

  • Concealing Information from Your Lawyer
  • Tips for Divorced Dads
  • Popular Myths about Shared Parenting

Click here to download our Men’s Divorce Guide.


Potential Pitfalls of the Rich & Famous Athlete

Top Ten Tips to Survive the Holidays for Divorced or Divorcing Parents

Gender Bias Yields Results: Restraining Orders handed out to women like candy!

Legal Websites

Colorado Department of Human Services - Division of Child Support Services: The Colorado Department of Human Services Division of Child Support Services is designed to assist in locating each parent, establishing paternity and support obligations and enforcing those obligations.

Department of Human Services Child Support Services – State Office
1575 Sherman Street, 5th Floor
Denver CO 80203

Child Support and Maintenance Calculator: Family Law Software provides a support and maintenance calculator through the Colorado Child Support software application that can help families calculate the costs.

Office of the State Court Administrator
1300 Broadway, Suite 1200
Denver, CO 80203

Colorado Statutes on Family Matters: The state has several Colorado Revised Statutes under Title 14 concerning family matters, including property division, maintenance, child support, allocation of parental responsibilities and paternity.

Office of Legislative Legal Services, State Capitol Building
200 E. Colfax Ave., Ste. 091
Denver, CO 80203

UpToParents: Up To Parents is a website designed by a former social worker and a former counselor to help parents through difficult transitions, including divorce and marital problems.

6376 Dawson Lake Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46220

Talking Parents: A website for parties to communicate with each other regarding parenting issues.