Attorney Fees for Unmarried Couple

I’m from arizona. i was wondering, that if the mother of my child and me were never married is it possible that she can make me pay her attorney fees.

If the matter is in Arizona, you will need to consult an Arizona attorney. Each state has different laws.

Financial Obligation for CFI

My soon to be ex-wife is refusing to pay her half of a CFI. I was wondering what I can do about this to get her to pay her half. My attorney says there isn’t anythingh I  can do about her paying her part. Thank you. Pat Espinoza

If she is court ordered to pay 1/2 of the CFI fees but is not doing so, your attorney should call the court and get a status conference with the judge and/or file a motion indicating that she isn’t paying and request a court order.

Changing Lawyer During Divorce

My fiance is getting divorced and fighting for full parental responsibility.  We are aware that we are swimming upstream.  However, his lawyer seems to be coasting through this and just collecting our hard earned money.  Can we change lawyers in the middle of a divorce?

Yes, you can change lawyers in the middle of a divorce.

Delay in Signing Divorce Papers

what happens if I don’t sign the divorce papers? can I put this off for a time?

If you don’t sign the divorce papers, your wife would have to set the matter for a hearing.

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